"Magazine Ads Increase Web Traffic by More Than 40%"

Hello to my blog readers! This is a great article from ForRent.com and I don’t just think that because they quoted me….the information will help you rent more apartments. Learn and live, Kate

January 15, 2009 In today’s economy it is more important than ever to effectively build your company’s brand offline and online. Magazine Publishers of America (MPA), an industry association for consumer magazines, released third-party research which offers marketers insights on purchase funnel dynamics and consumer online behavior that can have profound ramifications for advertisers looking to maximize their ROI. One of the most important things the study found is that media synergy is important and that the more media you have the better results you will achieve. When examining media, magazine ads are the most effective medium when it comes to purchase intent.

Key Findings from Research:

Magazine ads are # 1 in driving brand favorability: Magazines have 2X the impact of TV and 4X the impact of online

Magazine ads are # 1 in driving word of mouth: Among the general population and influentials, magazines are the strongest influence on personal recommendations

Seeing a magazine ad increased web traffic by more than 40%: Including a URL address such as the ForRent.com Vanity URL in magazine ads significantly increased web visits

Including a URL address increases web visits: When the URL was included in the magazine advertising creative, the percent change in visits tripled from two to six points

People were 2X as likely to visit a website after seeing a magazine ad: Magazine ads have a major impact on building web traffic at each stage of the purchase funnel

Magazine ads are # 1 in driving web search among 18-44 year olds: Magazines promoted web searches more than any other medium

Magazine ads are the #1 offline medium for driving consumers to social networks: Magazine readers are more than twice as likely to be social networkers compared to TV viewers and two-thirds again more likely than newspaper readers

Download the full report here

In a recent blog entry, Kate Good, a nationally recognized apartment marketing expert, states “Print drives traffic to the Internet. I have heard some chatter concerning dropping print ads to save money and “going to all Internet.” This has been tested before and it failed. Eventually you will see that the loss of residual marketing that print provides will adversely effect your phone and walk in traffic.”

For Rent Media Solutions continues to prove “The Power of Print and Internet” is delivering favorable results. In 2008, For Rent Media Solutions launched nine additional publications, including four After 55TM Housing and Resource Guide magazines, three ForRent.comTM-The Magazine publications, one For Rent Magazine®, and one Apartamentos Para Rentar®. ForRent.com-The Magazine instantly affirmed the powerful combination of print and Internet by increasing LEADSTM in a variety of previous “Internet only” markets by 313%.1

Source: Magazine Publishers of America (MPA) http://www.magazine.org/ 1ForRent.com internal sources