Before you say hello, you must learn to say goodbye.

I once had a boyfriend was obsessed with Internet checkers. If I happened to call him in the evening and he was relaxing at home, he was usually on his computer playing checkers. How did I know? I could hear the click of the mouse in addition to being distracted from our conversation and it did not make me feel good. The caller can tell when you are not listening and this is something that may make them feel less important. Our customers (and your girlfriend for that matter) should never feel like they do not have your attention.

The resident or future resident should feel like you are interested in what they have to say and their business is important to us. Pull away from distractions and make this important caller the center of your attention. It might be the needed behavior for setting an appointment with a future resident, letting an existing resident know we appreciate their business or for your girlfriend know she is important to you.