Authentic Communcation

Last week while presenting “Successful Selling in a Slump” with Lori Snider, we discussed the fear that exists in the American consumer today. There are great deals all around us but we are worried to spend money and so we let a 70% off shoe sale pass us by (that was even hard to type). These are the very same people who are walking into our leasing centers. I am seeing some crazy concessions out there (4 months free!) and yet people are still reluctant to lease.

Why is it that even when you are “giving it away” people are still hesitant to buy? I think this comes down to being authentic. It is very important to remove the fear that a future resident may be feeling. Now more than ever we want to believe what we see and hear but fear makes us think twice. It can be paralyzing in any type of relationship (I have some personal experience here!). When people stop being authentic, we sense this and get worried. Next thing we know our ability to trust diminishes.

The benefits of Authentic Communication are many. When used by sales people, it shines forth the authenticity, which is the backbone of building relationships with customers. When used in therapy, the subtle energies expressed reveal whether or not clients are speaking their truth. And in every interaction, what is said earns respect and radiates confidence.

A few things you can do to show that you are authentic and seek to remove fear in your customers:

1. People will not believe what you say, they will believe what you do. This is a rule I have in my dating life. Men will often say the right thing and do something completely the opposite. It is at that point that fear steps in and we not longer trust. Customers will walk away from a situation like this. For me personally, I think I will too.

2. Our bullshit meters are at an all time high! Yes, you were born with one and through your adult life you have been improving the reception of your meter. Our voices and vibration change when we say something that will register in the bullshit rector scale. I am a single women in her 30’s, my meter is is tip top shape. Sure I may not let on to someone that my meter just spiked, but I know in my heart and head and I act accordingly. My advice, don’t say things that you cannot back up. Keep it real at all times.

3. If you say you are going to call, do it without fail.

4. Let the other person know you have their best interest at heart. This is not hard to do when you put others needs in front of your needs.

5. I believe in full disclosure. It is always best to tell people things, even if it is not always what they want to hear. Many times we change our delivery because we incorrectly expect a negative outcome. For me, I react much better when I have complete information from the source rather than hearsay from an outsider.

6. Feel that what is being said comes from your “heart” — when it comes from the
heart, it feels sincere and reflects your total being. If it comes solely from the intellect, it could be cold and without compassion.

In summary, Authentic Communication means balance with our mind, intellect, and heart. It is intuitively driven, resonates authenticity, and provides opportunity for
wisdom to shine forth. Both speaker and listener can apply these skills, and in so doing, they can create their own personal human trinity. Once accomplished, the relationship becomes its own entity and thus forms a Relational Human Trinity. As each of us experiences speaking accurately, we find that it also applies to listening. Relationships based on Authentic Communication serve to build higher components of self-mastery.