Dining Rooms are So 5 Years Ago

Have you ever noticed that our residents don’t eat dinner in the dining room any more? How do we know that? Because when they move out all the food stains are right in front of the couch and the dining room carpet still looks fresh. So what are they doing in their dining rooms? Among other possibilities, it now seems to me the location of their home office. It is where they put their computers, mail pile, packages to open, bills to sort and file and pictures to organize. So why do we still call it the dining room? It should now be referred to as flexible space.

This simple change in terms will allow your Leasing Professionals to head off an objection before they are ever voices because the flexible space can serve as a solution to some specials space the customer may need in their new apartment home. It is time the marketing teams get on board with this new customer behavior and make the floor plans in the brochures and ads offer flexible space instead of a dining room.