Hand written cards are a new trend?

Yes. Because no one is taking pen to paper anymore.

Last week I was traveling for 7 straight days. There are many things that are neglected when I am away such as getting my mail. But then again, what really arrives in your snail mail box anyway? My bills are all electronic, I shop online and my friends email me to keep in touch. In fact, I expressed last year in a speech that there was really no need for mail to be delivered 6 days a week.

I landed home in Phoneix for less than 24 hours before I had to turn around to head to Denver for a program with the AAMD called “Successful Selling Inspite of the Slump.” As I was rushing out the door and jumping into the cab, it occurred to me that I should empty my snail mailbox. I stuffed a huge pile into my breifcase to read on the plane. Mostly, it was junk. However, it is such a sweet surprise to receive a handwritten card from a retailer, who sells my favorite shoe line, inviting me for a special event.

It seems now that this type of promotion is glanced over when it arrives in our email box. So today, it is unique to see a special invitation that arrives in the form of a handwritten card.

If you want to make an impact with your customers, try the new trend and send them a old fashion card. The team at KateGood.com have found a great way to help you get your cards out. You can have then handwritten for you and this service will even put a stamp on the envelope. We have even set up a system where you can drop in a Starbucks card for a coffee treat. All can be created and ordered online. So simple, so effective.

Check out this link: http://www.leasingthegoodway.com/katecards.html