My Winter Sales Strategy

I’m going to a fancy event in November. You know the kind, where you have more fun getting ready for the event than you actually have at the event. Being the fashionista that I personally express myself to be, I need the perfect dress. After all, we dress for women, not men, and women will notice what other women are wearing at an event like this.

In years past, I have started my search a few weeks prior to the party. This year money is tight, I started a few months early giving myself plenty of time to really dig hard for something on sale. As luck would have it, I found an amazing dress on my first shopping trip. I figured there may be something better to discover but I would go ahead and buy this one and continue shopping. If I found something better I would simply return the first one I bought.

Well, the event is approaching and I never took another shopping trip. I guess when I found something I liked, I stopped looking. I have better things to do with my time like shop for shoes!

My winter strategy is pretty simple, close traffic like they need it tomorrow. Too many Leasing Consultants get lazy and do not put their best foot forward when someone comes in the door or calls and they do not need the apartment for 3-6 months. I have even heard a sigh come out of their mouths and the customer can tell that this sales person only wants the quick sale. So if you are so good at that quick sale, do it. Why would you treat this customer any other way? They need a apartment and once you show them what they are looking for, you have the ability to stop their shopping efforts.

Now here is the punchline, remember that I started shopping for my dress early because I wanted time to shop the sales? Well, I paid full price. Maybe your customer will too when you truly sell them what they want.