Oh my, where does the time go?

I am shocked that two months have passed since my last blog entry. I’m putting some thought into what has been going on to keep me so busy. First, and most important for my out of control love for shoes, I can say I am having the best year of my professional career. 15 months ago I was thrown into some much needed bed rest while my two broken feet healed. But what really healed for me was my focus and direction. I knew that it was time to really study the rapid decline of our market conditions and start to research and test solutions that I could share with my audiences and clients in 2009. It did not take long to discover that the old song we used to sing…do it with me now…”if you keep on doing what you’ve always done, your gonna keep on getting what you’ve always got.” That is not true in 2009. If I did the things in my marketing plan that worked 2 years ago, they will not yield the same results today.

And so I set on a journey to find the new path for leasing and marketing. It all comes back to the overly discussed topic on cable news shows, consumer confidence is down. Really down. So down it has fallen and cannot get up! No infomercial, life alert, or shot of Red Bull is going to fix this anytime soon. And so, we adjust. The car companies were some of the first industries to discover this with the “assurance plans”. Our industry responded with the “no fear lease agreement”. These addendum’s are helpful in removing fear and allowing the customer to make a decision.

I was speaking in South Carolina this year when a manager complained that this a practice used by her competition and it was killing her occupancy. I asked if there is anything in her lease agreement that would allow someone to cancel the contract. She replied yes, two months notice and a cancel fee. Hey people, this is what marketing is all about! That manager can offer a no fear lease agreement because she already has one. She is just not selling it. Slap together a flyer, create a logo and get this great news to your customer. Now you have a great tool to remove fear of making the wrong decision.

This is a lesson in my personal life too. We all have the necessary tools for success. Recognize what tools you need to call on to get what you want. You may need to tweak it a bit, but know you can change, adjust and thrive. I think this is why I am having not only the best year of my life professionally, but an amazing, fantastic, and exciting personal life too! Thanks friends, partners and family. You helped bring me back to life. And what a great life it is!