The Art of Negotiation: Emotions

The very best professionals are always looking for opportunities to learn. You must be one of them because you are reading my blog probably looking for some new ideas. Well, to you I say “dig in.” There are a lot of amazing sources for information and my goal is to make sure serves your need to learn.

There is one topic that I have been studying this year to make myself better at what I do and that is the art of negotiation. I learned the power of emotions on the negotiation process. This means that we make decisions based on our emotions. Yes, there is still the logical side of our brain that is weighing in on this decision, but it is the emotional rush you feel that drives you to say yes.

When are the emotions of your customer most effective to the sales process? In the model or rent ready apartment. It is at this moment that the customer has been taking in all the features and benefits of your amenities on the way to the model. They are really excited and now you show them a beautiful model apartment that is the best home in the community. Whamo! They are really feeling their emotions at this moment. Now is the time to ask for the lease and close it!

Set yourself up for success by placing a stack of applications and pens in the model. Have your availability with you at all times. If you wait to do this when you get back to the leasing office you are missing the power of the emotional high.