Template Ads Can Still Be Fun

I love the part of my job when I am asked to consult with apartment communities on their ads and position in the market. I approach all my work with this question: Will it generate traffic and close leases? When you create marketing peices and then ask this question, you begin to see that saying things like everyone else will not create more traffic becuase you do not stand out in the market.

Let’s take on this challenge in 2010 and think of better ways to say things. Don’t just list things you offer, tell the customer why they should by it. Stop using the same tired words to describe your features that everyone else is using such. Step up to creative writing and step ahead of your competition.

I’ve included a graphic in this blog post because I want to commend Atlantic Palms in North Charleston for putting something fresh and fun in your Apartment Guide ad. Bravo my friends!!