Trend: Greater Focus On Lead Conversion

The world of apartment leasing and marketing will never be what we knew as early as 4years ago. The items that made your marketing plan a sure fire success will not get you the same results today. The leasing consultant that ranked number one during your leasing contests may be struggling. Does this mean that we should throw our hands up and site a bucket load of excuses? Not if you want your job!

People are still renting apartments so why not rent one from you? If you want your unfair share of the available leases, and to keep your job, study these trends which I will be spotlighting in my upcoming blgs and make necessary adjustments, not excuses.

Let’s start with Lead Generation.

The issue of lead generation has increased in the last two years. Technology has helped gather leads but the conversion factor has not increased. Simply put, leads must be converted and there will be increased attention to convert and close more leases. Your marketing and leasing strategy should include a solid system to follow up every phone call and email lead. Work that customer until they lease. We are using more advertising sources than ever before, make sure you are counting all the traffic they are delivering and take a closer look at your teams ability to convert that lead to a lease.