Long Days = Lot’s of Leases

It always confuses me as to why we have leasing office hours while our residents are at work. They typically leave for work before 9am. Yet we don’t arrive at work until 9am. And our hard working residents don't come home until after 6pm and many leasing offices close at 5:30. When do we think we are going to lease all those apartments? It's no wonder Saturdays are so busy. Shopping for an apartment is not really how people want to spend their day off but we really don't give them a choice with our office hours limited to their work hours.During the long days of summer, out smart your competition by staying open later. When I worked for a busy property in South Florida, my personal work schedule was 11am to 8pm. Do you think this had anything to do with why I was the Leasing Consultant with the highest closing ratio at the property? Of course it did. I was there when people wanted to lease.