Motivating Your Team In the New Year

Our front line team members are typically looking for a little fun and excitment at work. A great sales person loves to look forward to the unexpected and break out of a normal routine. My experience is that the front line loves to compete and work towards an goal for accomplishment. Start by asking them to compete with themselves. The best way to do this is to have a goal writing workshop. Ask each member of the team to write goals for near and distant terms. The goals should be both personal and professional because it is our pro life that gives us the fuel and resources for our personal life. Remember a goal must be written, shared, and specific with a deadline. Next write a plan to accomplish the goal. Create a visual board to remind people of their goals and their progress. Allow the team to decide what their prize for accomplishment will be.

Communication can be a source of motivation. Share with your team, each week, the goals of the property, specific areas of focus and success. Bring everyone into the “business” that you are managing. Don’t just make them feel like they are there to only do their jobs but that they are part of something bigger.

Start the new year on a positive, fun and meaningful note.