Would You Dip Into The Company Ink?

Before you think this article does not pertain to you, allow me to clarify that I am not writing about internal office dating. We will reserve that article for later! Today I am asking the question, how far would you go for your company? Would you consider allowing yourself to be permanently branded with your company’s logo or icon in the form of a tattoo? I know, I know, you company does not allow for visible tattoo’s right? Okay, let’s stick to the concept and think about your loyalty to the company. How loyal are you?

Employees of Anytime Fitness, a workout chain based in Hastings, Minn., can get the company’s purple running man logo permanently inked on their bodies by a tattoo artist who shows up at monthly training sessions. More than 350 employees have gotten permanent tattoos including CEO Chuck Runyon.

Runyon says the tattoo represents a significant commitment to the brand. Employees receive standard benefits like retirement plans and health insurance, but they also have flexible hours and an office culture that includes contests and giveaways among staff, a combination of perks that Runyon believes encourages employee loyalty.

Studies show that employer loyalty is not what it used to be. I remember a time when another company came to me with an offer I could not refuse. My salary would increase by $20,000 annually, and my bonus opportunity would double. They would grant me an extra weeks vacation and give me a hefty car allowance which would enable me to get the convertible ride I had been eyeing on the car lot. The only thing that was missing in the offer was the fact that it was not Trammell Crow. You see, I was loyal to my employer who had basically raised me to be a shining star within the Trammell Crow group and I was very appreciative for that opportunity. I did not take the offer to my Regional Manager and ask them to meet the offer. That would have been an insult to the investment they made in me and the risk they took in hiring a fresh 18 year old with no experience.

While I never went as far as to sport the company ink, I did feel that I had a loyalty that I struggle to find in the world today. I can now look back and see that I made the right decision. My history with Trammell Crow has paid out ten fold for me. And, I bought a cool convertible car anyway!