Do you want your Future Residents to read your follow up emails? Try these tips!

I found myself reading my email today and the whole point was to delete things that did not need my attention. I think many of us do this no matter what what day of the week it is, but for this Monday, I was rapidly tapping the delete button. I started thinking about what it takes to get people to read email and found myself doing a search for some expert help. Here are some tips from Jill Konrath who wants to make sure all of your emails elicit a response.

1. Eliminate Delete-Inducing Words

Get rid of all verbiage that activates the delete response. Here are some serious offenders: exciting, state-of-the-art, solution, partner, leading edge, passion, unique and one-stop shopping.

2. Keep Your Message Simple

Your email needs to be less than 90 words. Use 2-sentence paragraphs so it can be scanned. Stick with common black fonts (no colors) and never include more than one link or attachment.

3. Align With Their Objectives

Research your prospect’s specific needs, likes and other hot buttons which will help you connect. Relevance is essential.

4. Focus on Immediate Priorities

Identify key events that may be impacting your prospect’s priorities and tie your message into that. An example might be if they are relocating from out of state, there are a lot of things that will need attention vs a move across town.

5. Be an Invaluable Resource

In your e-mails, focus on the ideas, insights and information you can share that will be of value to your prospect in reaching their goals.

6. Craft Enticing Subject Lines

Your subject line determines if your message gets read. Avoid sales hype and focus on business issues such as: “Quick question re: are you ready to move” or “Welcome home to Green Oaks Villas.”

7. Launch a Campaign

Do eight to 12 touches (via e-mail and phone) over a four-to-six week time period, with each contact building off the previous one. Provide links to resources. Spotlight the value of visiting today and making a decision.