Can You Overcome Any Objection?

I sincerely hope you are not dealing with this functionality failure at your apartment community! This would be a very difficult challenge to overcome. A true leasing pro knows that dealing with you customers objections is an essential step to close the sale. After all, who is going to take the time to discuss their concerns if they are not interested in the apartment?

Many people get discouraged when they hear an objection and do not attempt to overcome the customers concerns with solutions. They simply give up and report back to their manager that the apartment did not work for the prospect. Is there really a perfect fit when it comes to an apartment. I’m certain it is probably rare. Dig in and talk about some ideas that you have help your customer see things differently.

The next obstacle is the “excuse” objection. My favorite excuse for not leasing is the ever popular “I don’t think my husband will like it”. Are you kidding me? Women are the keepers of the home. It’s how we were programmed since the beginning of time. If a lady likes the apartment she will tell her man that he will love it too. Now is the time to find out what is really holding the customer back from leasing the apartment.