Does Anyone Work Here Anymore?

It’s Friday night, you invite your best peeps over for happy hour. People start to arrive, walk in your front door, look around and you are missing. The guests make their way all the way back to your kitchen and find you munching on your favorite potato chips in the pantry. They start to feel as though they may have arrived on the wrong night! You would never think about doing this to your good friends. So why would you do it to a customer who is in control of your paycheck? If a customer walks into your leasing center and has to come find you then you have failed to make a welcoming first impression.

Last summer while on a beach vacation, I became freindly with a certain little beach bar one block from my rental house. I spotted the team members wearing these “Yes, I work here” shirts and immediatly left my vacation behind and started to think about our team members wearing them to let all of our customers know we are always there to serve and will never hide. In addition, the act of waering this shirt will serve as a constant reminder that we put customers first.

I wonder what I will find on my next trip?? Stay tuned!