It’s Not Just A Parking Sign, It’s A Statement

Marketing and retention is more than just flyers and ads. To be effective, you have to address everything you do as it is a reflection of your property’s overall mission. Even a parking sign creates an impression. I spotted a apartment community whose tag line is “Our Residents Come First” yet the parking lot parking signage did not communicate this message. It says “Manager Parking Only All Others Will Be Towed”!

Being positive goes a long way. Your signage can actually reserve parking for your best customers and encourage others to participate in promoting your community in social media channels. Thumbs up to Glades Plaza for honoring their Mayor on FourSquare with a reserved parking space. I think this is much more important than reserving a spot for the Manager. Apartment communities also reserve parking for move in day so that the new resdient can have the best space that will put their moving truck close to the entrance door. Why stop there? I think we should have reserved parking for move out day also…and I am not talking about the eviction you are thrilled is finally leaving so you can re-rent the apartment to a paying customer! There are many great customers whose lives have changed and it no longer suits them to live at your community. A positive move out experience will ensure that they will continue to be brand ambassadors and refer friends to the apartment they once loved to live in. Reserve a parking space for these customers too!

There are spaces and places where you don’t want your residents to park. Have a little fun with this message too. Funny trumps everything and will communicate a policy while still keeping a smile on your resident’s face. Approach all decisions you make for your community with a customer service and marketing eye and not just your policy manual.