Videos That Get Watched

I’m getting requests for my favorite videos I showed during my panel discussion on Videos That Get Watched at the VMS conference. Here ya go! All 6 are worth a look.​apology
If you have not clicked on this one yet….do it and prepare to laugh and the video and marvel at the unique use of technology.
Video Brewery is like Crowd Spring wh
ere you post a project and people submit storyboards and bids. They are great for creating explainer videos. Check out their gallery.
Remains the most amazing launch of a business in 2012 by using this one video. However, I wonder what their launch would have looked like if they included a link to action??!!​watch?v=_u7CnATFJ3o
You know I LOVE the mini cooper peep show. This video became a powerful commercial for the launch of their new topless car. Bada Bing!
My cospeaker showed the video for Entrada, Property Solutions new product. Some behind the scenes info, this was shot for $1,000 plus the price of talent, in their office. Cool! But, I am convinced property management people have better eyewear!​watch?v=68GNoqB9zSk
Prepare to be moved by this incredible video that Eric Whal and Jon Engles shot and edited in 7 hours. Bravo. It moves me.