A Marketing Lesson from 6 Dollar Shirts

My cousin, Andrew, placed an order with 6 Dollar Shirts.  This could have been your run of the mill Internet transaction until he received a game changer in his email box. He found an email that, among the thousands he receives in a week, was cool enough to send to his cousin Kate.  Really people, this had to be an amazing email because I don’t get emails from Andrew very often (not that I am upset, Cuz, I know you are a busy guy).

6 Dollar Shirts had already secured the sale, Andrew’s credit card was approved and the shipment was on its way.  Most businesses would stop there.  The savvy marketers at this online retailer know there is more business to be earned.  A simple, crafty, creatively worded email created a stir.  Andrew shared with his friends at his office and now more people are aware of this company.  This email tickled my marketing ear and now I am posting it on my Website blog for hundreds of thousands of people to read, okay maybe just a few hundred loyal readers.  But really, this means something because before this email forwarded from my cousin, I had never heard of 6 Dollar Shirts.

Who else has told you that you look good today?  Now go on, I dare you to check out www.6dollarshirts.com and buy the “Death before Decaf” tee shirt!