How Can A Car Help You Lease Apartments?

Very simply put, creating a memorable experience will help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

“It took 9,000 hours over a period of seven months for eight craftsmen from two families to shape a work of art that comprises roughly 2,227,000 individual parts weighing a combined 200 pounds, with each one glued together one by one. The completed sculpture, on view on the first floor of the new BBVA Compass Plaza on Post Oak Boulevard, speaks volumes of the cultural flavor of Houston and the values cherished by the city’s stakeholders — and the principles of the underwriters. Vochol, the title of the piece, is a 1990 Volkswagen Beetle swathed in a mosaic of vibrant glass beads that collectively, from afar, appears to be a painted vehicle of sorts — what one would see sashaying down Houston’s iconic Art Car Parade. But this art car’s Mexican provenance — Mexico was home to the last manufacturing plant of this popular VW model that was assembled from 1938 through 2003 — pays tribute to an artisanal craft that at its core serves as a spiritual channel.” -Culture Map

Give your sales team this type of conversation and it can open 20 doors to building rapport and connecting through a solid visual memory of what makes your property unique. While this car is a huge display, a memory point does not always need to be as bold.  It simply means that you have something notable and you take the time to share that with your prospect.  At the end of the day, when they are reviewing all their choices, what will they remember you for? I doubt it is 4 white walls and beige carpet.  Everyone has that. Try a wall mural with all the sports teams in your area like a community in Jacksonville put in their indoor basketball court.  A community in Tampa has a NYC Taxi in their courtyard. And, one smart community in North Carolina has a “stuffed person” named Gladys sitting on the couch in the model.  All are unique and stand out in the mind of the consumer.