Getting to know you…

Seen at the Hotel
Derek in Houston… a creative (and easy!) way to connect and spark conversations
with guests! Each member of the front desk staff at the hotel has their own
card in a frame that they place on the counter in front of them when they begin
their shift.  As guests approach the
front desk, they are able to read the fun (location specific) “questionnaire”
that the staff member filled out, personalizing the hotel experience for the
guests who now know a bit more about the staff at the hotel that are there to
take care of them.

Consider doing the
same type of thing at your property  –
either having leasing consultants display these on their desks, including this
in newsletters to your residents (especially for non-leasing agent employees), or,
even easier, placing this on the apartment community website to
introduce the staff who will be caring for new residents’ apartment homes.  You may also be able to use this idea as a resident spotlight/getting to know your
neighbor feature (being sure that you keep residents’ privacy in mind).