#1 Need for a Pet Park? Cleaning up #2!

As I’m working on my new property, Vargos on the Lake, I’m scouring the internet for things that will make the property stand out.  One of my projects on the site is the Vargos Pet Park.  This project is close to my heart because of my very own fur baby, Mrs. Harry Winston… In fact, pet parks are vital to apartment communities today, since they are among the top four amenities people check when doing a search for an apartment on an internet listing service such as apartmentguide.com.  It is important to have a great pet park – more than 63% of renters today have pets. 

I’ll share more about the ways I’m making the Vargos Pet Park special in a later post, but I wanted to share some pet park amenities that I’ve found (many thanks to my Facebook friends!).
Warning: this post is picture heavy.  And funny enough, what started my search for fun pet park ideas was looking for a new and updated doggie bag/disposal station. So these will be pictures of places to put your puppy’s… poo.  Except for this first one – here’s a picture I love of me and my Winnie. 

So here’s the standard disposal station – bag dispenser at the top, trash receptacle at the bottom.  This is easy and very practical, and something like this should be in place at your property’s pet park. Since you won’t be able to get your hands on any Vapoorizer, and poo power may not be heading to your city anytime soon, you’ll still need these basics to handle the mess that comes with our furry friends. These are available at many property management sites, such as this one.

But if you’d like something a bit different, here’s a fabulous one from MPS Direct (tell George Fletcher that Kate sent you!).  I love that this still has a bag dispenser, along with a couple other features, but it doesn’t stand out as a standard disposal station.  It may blend better with the rest of your pet park features in that way.

Here’s another one from MPS Direct.  I love that this matches a bench that could also be featured in your pet park.  It looks more like a standard trash can, so you would need a separate bag dispenser, but those are easy to find.

Yet another receptacle, this time from Dog-ON-It-Parks, depending on the look you’re going for. 
Picture of Pet Waste Receptacle

Then there’s the PowerLoo, which flushes away pet waste so your maintenance staff never has to worry about emptying the disposal stations…

Another option to give your maintenance staff a break from hauling away poo is DoodyCalls, a full-service residential and commercial pet-waste disposal company. With franchises across the nation, all you’d have to do is set up their service to keep your community clean!

We got the dirty bits out of the way, and my next pet park post will be much more fun – I promise!