A No Cost Way To Increase Productivity


She complained. She whined. She lied. She talked behind people’s back. She created chaos. Do you know this person? I’ve met a lot of “this person”! The trouble is, this person was leasing a lot of apartments! She was a leasing machine. 

 So what are you to do? Counseling sessions made her even harder to deal with because she turned it into a negative experience. Was she really worth the effort I put into keeping this person happy? Nope. Not worth it. Let me tell you why…..


 I truly believe that the best teams are star performers because they are happy. Does success feed that happiness? Yes, but it is not the only thing that drives people to happiness. One person can take away joy, fun and trust. Smiles are replaced with eye rolling. Why? Because emotions are highly contagious. They easily and quietly spread through non verbal cues. When we interact with people who are in a good mood we start to copy their body language, tone of voice and expressions. 

 Researchers say that once we mimic someone’s physical behavior we actually start to feel the same emotions. When we smile, we elevate our mood. Scientists call this “facial feedback hypothesis”. There really is science behind the effectiveness of a smile.

Removing the person on the team who is everything I described in the first paragraph resulted in more leases! Yes, we no longer have that leasing machine I referred to but now that the mood is positive and fun everyone else is producing better results. The ability for our team to achieve their goals increased. 

 Want a more successful team? Spend time spreading your positive attitude. Be in their space so your team can mimic your verbal and non verbal cues. And most of all, get rid of the complainer. Have confidence that your team will rise up when the problem is removed. Smile and change the outcome