Trophies are for ego. Relationships define success

Lombardi_TrophyYou are only as successful and happy as the people you surround yourself with. Surrounding myself with joyful, positive people is what has made me successful. Their energy propels and inspires me. I also learned along the way that it is important to offer your contributions to improve the world and the lives of those around you.

I believe success is not about accolades and trophies; rather, it is about people and how I treat them. So, here is my strategy – secrets I am sharing with you – to live a happy, successful, life:

1. Keep your word. This is how I demonstrate my credibility.

2. Be honest. It is not always easy, because I am also a people-pleaser. But I have learned to be honest with myself and others as a way to reduce and avoid conflict down the road.

3. Show up on time. Punctuality is a reflection of our organizational skills. It shows that you respect people because you do not keep them waiting.

4. Acknowledge mistakes. I used to try to hide them, but learned if I take responsibility for a mistake,people generally give me a break. It is human nature. Making excuses and blaming others creates animosity, which will destroy your happy, productive world.

5. Handle conflicts gracefully. Some people let things build up inside and they will eventually boil over. This is not me. I have been known to react quickly and with a surge of emotions. This behavior is destructive. My life improved immensely when I learned to stay calm and clear. My business partner, Sandy Aron, is the master of this behavior and I learn from him every day.

6. Don’t burn bridges. Today’s foe could be tomorrow’s ally. Always preserve someone’s ego – even in conflict – so that you can maintain a positive relationship with this person in the future. Personal slams, criticisms, the “cold shoulder” and overall mean girl behavior will never give you the success in life that you desire. Hollywood has made a fortune illustrating this.