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Opportunities.  As a recognized expert in the areas of marketing, trends and sales, Kate provides hundreds of ideas and strategies designed to challenge a traditional mindset and encourage personal and professional innovation.  Whether speaking on sales and leasing, retention programs or executable marketing strategy, Kate’s interesting and dynamic style results in satisfied audiences and frequent return engagements.

Each year, Kate travels across America presenting her programs with a unmatched level of enthusiasm.  Now, you can experience that same elevated energy without leaving your office through our new CommuniKATE Webinars. Drop us an email inquiry today and hear about this exciting and economical program.

Do you have a special event, awards program and need to a meeting host?  Kate brings her ability to keep the audience engaged and having fun. Her humor and wit make everyone interested in what is happening on stage.  Kate has emceed award programs for The San Diego Apartment Association, Pillars of the Industry Awards, Apartment Association of Great Orlando Awards, Apartment Association of Inland Emprie Awards and many more planned in 2013 including The Arizona Multihousing Association Awards.

Events Speaking: Apartment Training Seminars

The Price Is Always Right
Yes, we do mean the TV game show. Relive Kate’s experiences as a contestant on this classic shopper’s duel over dollars, and take away sensible lessons that apply to successful pricing strategies in our industry as well. When the price is not right for your property, you know it — but do you know what to do about it? Find out at this entertaining mash-up of game show and marketing gamesmanship. Kate made it to the “showcase showdown” during her appearance on the show; so clearly, this woman knows her pricing strategies. Once you determine the right price, you have to sell it. Join game show Kate as she presents a solid strategy for maximizing your property’s income.
50 Ways to Market, Connect and Create a Customer
Kate is really EXCITED about this program. The secret to earning a new customer is to first attract a new customer. Today we know the laws of attraction are everything but what does it mean in marketing. In this program, we will look at the new needs of the recession driven customer and channels you can use to reach them. In this crowded market you need to learn how to stand out. This is Kate’s most popular program newly created for 2013.
Perfect 10 Leasing
Everyone wants to ace their shopping reports and our best leasers often do. So that means that everyone should have the accelerated skills to get a perfect score. In this program, Kate shares her secrets for better leasing. Soon you will see why Kate always maintained a 78% closing ratio and never failed a shopping report. She can make this happen for your team. This is THE LEASING FORMULA of the future.
Attention to Retention
Is it true that renters are living in apartments for longer terms than they have in previous generations? Statistics say YES but all that matters is if they are staying in YOUR apartments. We must pay attention to retention and hang on to every customer we can. In this high energy session, you will see what other companies are doing to focus their attention on this important subject plus a fresh batch of new ideas. Kate also comes equipped with plans and strategies that are proven methods to retain customers.
Marketing Trends
The way that companies reach consumers is constantly changing and anything we’ve done up to now is not good enough. Kate’s experience in marketing and consulting allows her to accurately predict what everyone will be doing next and she will share that knowledge with you in this information packed presentation. In this market you have to stay one step ahead of the competition and constantly update your marketing with fresh, unique, attention worthy tactics to attract and retain.
Top 10 Marketing Must-Do’s
This is a great program for a keynote or Webinar. Are you focusing your marketing energy in the right places? Do you spend all your time on social media and ignore your outdated website or obsessing over SEO while ignoring social media? In this program you will learn how to maximize your exposure and market reach by spreading your marketing efforts across the most important areas and stop wasting time on things that aren’t making a difference.
Total Team Tactics for Higher Occupancy (Maintenance)
Did you know Kate is a hit with the Service team? Who said that the leasing team and maintenance team will never get along? That is total rubbish and could be a reason why your leasing and retention suffer. In this program we will motivate maintenance to understand and capitalize on the important role they play in the important number we call occupancy. Your closing ratios can improve and sometimes it is just a matter of not sending all the players to leasing school. This program is vital for everyone to participate in improving overall property performance.
Lease it Like a Lease Up
Are you competing with brand new apartment communities? Or, are you the new development opening a few hundred apartments in the coming months? This is the time when you need to be at the top of your game. This program will show you the best practices to give you the highest velocity with your leasing and marketing efforts. We will explore 6 touch points that must be in place for any business competing in a growing market. It does not matter if you community is 25 years old, it needs the same buzz factor and excitement that a brand new property offers. I will show how all properties can create this with the right messaging, team involvement and a little budget to put you back on the map.
The New Review: Word of Mouse
Reviews are a part of most of today’s buying decisions. In a world where people believe the work of a total stranger writing a review, we must accept that the customers are calling the shots. Learn how to get your residents to be your number one sales source by posting quality reviews and getting maximum referrals. I will show how customer service is the new marketing and this is vital to our continued success. Ratings and review sites have impacted our business for a few years and we are starting to see a new trend emerge. We call this the new review. Find out how simple and easy it is to get a positive review from your customer and then use it to lease more apartments. Now is the time to create the necessary platform for the new review. In this program you will learn how to redirect your efforts and capture the important words found in customer to customer marketing.
High Touch Leasing and Marketing in a High Tech World
In an era of apps and texts we can start to lose touch with the very reason why people will lease from us. That reason is because YOU made the sale. This program will show you easy and creative ways to put the personalized approach back into your leasing and marketing. The high tech world will never be as effective as you are at leasing apartments. Smart companies know that when you unite the people behind the website with the people looking to lease, you have a competitive advantage. This allows your apartment community to truly sell the important aspects that a customer looks for when selecting their next rental home.
Instant Response: Accelerated Leasing
Make it fast and make it easy is today’s consumer mantra. Success happens when you build your sales and marketing process based on today’s buying habits, and the single factor most likely to result in consumer purchasing, re-purchasing and recommending to others is whether or not they experience “decision simplicity” — how easy it is to gather information and weigh purchase options about a product. Companies invest hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns, then fail to follow-up quickly and persistently. Every time a client slips through the cracks, you’re wasting the time, money and effort it took to produce that lead. Today, slipping through the cracks could be a matter of minutes and transparency of information. Learn how to generate competitive advantage by focusing on speed and ease and by deconstructing common practices in property management and reconstructing with a more consumer-friendly focus.
Facebook or Instagram? Marketing to All The Generations
Marketing can seem complicated when we consider the multiple generations of renters in the world today. There are many similarities with a renter who is 28 or 54. We must also recognize that there are some important differences. This lively message will discuss ways to build your marketing strategy so that it speaks to multiple target markets and ensures impressive leasing traffic. Join Kate Good as she discusses this topics and presents a number of examples of things you can do to market to multiple generations.
Speed to the Lead: The Art of Closing on the First Visit
People are too busy to simply tour an apartment. They are contacting you because they want to lease an apartment. So why do we treat them like they are “just looking”? Don’t be fooled by the vocabulary your customer uses. Just looking means I have not found what I am going to rent. This program will teach every marketing professional and leasing consultant the art and science of closing on the first visit. This is not just a best case scenario form of training, this program is a road map for getting the lease before they walk out the door.